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Three-year-old Lenny Blaik was diagnosed with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) a year ago, one of only 70 known people with FOP in the UK.

The condition causes human connective tissue, such as ligament, cartilage and tendons, to turn into bone, while broken bones can lead to permanent damage.

Friends and Family of Lenny have all pulled together to try and raise as much money awareness as possible for this cruel condition. Amongst many other events, including raffles, quizzes, race nights, and lottery draws, the family have managed to secure a venue, sponsors and some amazing acts for a big event on 27th August named Glastonlenny. 

In honour of the occasion a t shirt has been designed for you to buy to wear on the day to show your support. Although wearability isn't just limited to a one time occasion! Wear it at work, to the shops or walking the dog (we're reliably informed that our smaller children's sized t shirts even fit furry friends if you wanted to get them in on the action too!) wear it whenever and wherever you like, and help others to understand the plight of not only Lenny's family, but the others in the world who are also struggling with this.

If you are needing support for this condition, or feel you can help in any way with fund raising or sponsorship, please get in touch and we can put you in contact with the right people.

FOP Friends Registered Charity No. 1147704